Real Estate

iStock_000001789325Medium-250x167Real estate related entities require highly sophisticated assurance, tax and financial advisory services to ensure you are maximizing the value of your assets. At Melton & Melton, our professionals have extensive hands-on experience working with the real estate sector and we are dedicated to providing our clients with value-added services. With a deep knowledge of the industry, our people are multi-disciplined, well-trained and efficient in compliance and consulting matters – allowing us to hit the ground running to provide you with the correct solutions for your real estate business.

At Melton & Melton, we fully utilize tax strategies to minimize your taxes by helping you properly structure your transactions. Such unique tax planning opportunities may include cost segregation to accelerate depreciation, like kind exchanges, proper debt structuring, and structuring of any gains as ordinary income or capital gains. Our financial statements are also well recognized in both the lending and surety industries.

We can specifically assist your organization in the following areas:

  • Audit, reviews and compilations
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Analysis and due diligence of proposed transactions
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Audit of construction expenditures of projects under development

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