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Consider a Melton & Melton Internship

Looking for real world experience? Consider an Internship

The Melton & Melton internship program provides undergraduate and graduate accounting students with practical, on-the-job experience, as well as an opportunity to assess their interest in a career path with our firm. Our comprehensive internship program is designed to prepare students for a full-time career upon completion—our potential goal is a permanent hire at the end of the internship.

We value our interns highly and treat them no differently than the rest of our staff; that means that all your assignments will be real-world work. You will also receive the same extensive training as our full-time staff.

“I chose Melton & Melton after my internship because I enjoyed working with everyone at my level and above me, including partners and managers. I felt that no matter what rank my co-workers were in the company, they were all willing to take the time to make sure I understood what I was doing and not just going through the motions. Even now as a supervisor, I still feel that the partners have the employee’s best interests in mind and want everyone to learn and grow as much as possible.”

Christian, Audit Supervisor

What to expect

We offer internships in either our tax or audit department; each internship generally lasts 16 weeks. The idea is for you to have the chance to test us out, and to test out public accounting, as well. We maintain a high retention rate of interns who return to work full-time – typically two out of three. We also encourage all new full-time hires to pass the CPA exam before beginning work or within the first two years on staff. Beyond that, the promotion track to supervisor, manager, senior manager, and partner could be in your future!

We recruit on campus at over 16 schools, and remotely at over 14. Typically, we recruit a year to a year-and-a-half in advance, so be sure to start planning for your internship early. Feel free to come see us on campus and meet our representatives. We love talking with students to help you understand what life is like in a public accounting firm and to help you determine if we will be a good fit for your career goals. 

What does Melton & Melton look for in an internship (or entry level) candidate?

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Great personality and a good attitude
  • Trainability
  • A strong foundation of accounting knowledge
  • Enthusiasm
  • Drive to make a difference
  • Approachability
  • Innovation
  • Full time hires must meet the requirements to sit for the CPA exam in Texas (150 hours approved by the state board)
  • Interns are required to have completed Intermediate Accounting I & II before the start of the internship

Like What You See?

If you are interested in building a career with Melton & Melton, please apply for an open position today or send us an email.